3 thoughts on “Role Gamification Thoughts

  1. I love the names for the Full Circle! The competency tiers make sense to me as well. I really need to learn more code so I can contribute more to things like this.

    1. Thanks, Jae! I really appreciate it!

      At a quick glance, it looks like WordPress plugins have to be PHP. I know the language – I was rather good at it at one point – but it’s… It’s easy to get something working in PHP, but it’s hard to ever prove that your code doesn’t have a hidden vulnerability due to not typing enough “=” signs in line 274… Eh, it’ll do anyway.

  2. Could you make it simpler, to better relate to what members are likely to accomplish in a year? And perhaps add perks or boosters (or whatever) for bringing a guest, bringing a guest who joins, etc? That way we could encourage club growth and well as role-filling.

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